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Le Sud is the kind of place you had in mind when you decided to take a tropical vacation. The lights are soft, the pace is unhurried, the weather is perfect ... gentle tropical breezes drift across a wide, open porch scattered with crisp, white tables laden with delicious, fresh food and a wonderful bottle of wine.

The delightful new owners of Le Sud proudly provide service and cuisine on a par with the best restaurants in Tahiti. Their menu, from the appetizers to the desserts, features wonderfully prepared cuisine from the south of France. Their Salad Nicoise is a highlight of their starter menu and the seafood dishes are the stars of their entree offerings.

With great atmosphere, great food and warm, family-run service, Le Sud will be a treat you will remember long after you return home.

Located in the village of Maharepa. Car service with free pickup provided. Credit cards are accepted.

Your table for two...
Can you join us?
C'mon in!
Warm breezes, good food, no problems...
What a neat table light!
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