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Snorkeling on the Motu Picnic excursion
No matter where you've snorkeled before, you will be stunned by the snorkeling in the lagoon surrounding Moorea. It is, without any exaggeration, the most exquisite snorkeling in the Pacific. Crystalline blue waters, abundant sunshine and a peaceful underwater world rich with vibrant, thriving, colorful life of every kind are one of the many reasons guests return here year after year.

While snorkeling right off the beaches can be rewarding, your Tahitian guide on our 6 hour Lagoon & Reef tour will take you to the very best snorkeling locations within the reef. Come along with us. You simply won't believe your eyes!

If you have questions about this excursion, visit our Front Desk.

A note: The best snorkeling equipment at the lowest prices is available in the USA. Guests are encouraged to bring their own equipment as well as reef runner shoes.


C'mon in. The water's fine ...
Today's snorkeling heaven.
Taking the plunge!
A gorgeous coralhead and its inhabitants await!
Take your time ... there's so much to see!
Floating over a breathtaking undersea world.
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